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RA Hair Lounge

Nestled in a back-alley bungalow just off Santa Monica Boulevard sits RA Hair House. The creation of Audrey Rae, Whitney Olson and Kennedy Van Dyke, who were 3 esteemed stylists at Beverly Hills’ Warren Tricomi Salon, RA Hair Lounge provides an intimate and welcomed sanctuary from the hustle of Hollywood. ‘Real, open, and passionate’ are how the trio describes itself. Referring to the ancient god of the sun, RA (pronounced raw) exudes the same light, energy and warmth that its founders strive to embody.

RA Hair Lounge

When you’re at RA, you feel like you’re at home—literally. The boutique salon’s outdoor foyer, adorned by a mini fireplace, multi-colored wood-paneled wall and dainty overhead string lights, scream cozy abode. The hair house’s open floor space and multiple windows allow you to admire the patio right from the salon chair, or indulge in at outdoor hair service (yes, they actually have hair stations on the outside patio!). Equally charming is RA’s interior, where dark leather-upholstered furniture compliment the salon’s towering wood-framed floor-length mirrors and bright pops of colorful art.

RA Hair Lounge

In addition to offering standard salon services, RA utilizes all-natural, super-healing oils from select fruits and nuts that the RA girls cocktail into custom conditioning treatments suited to each individual client’s needs.

Wet Hair Shampoo Bowl

These formulations are based on hair type, condition, scalp health, and your overall sense of well being. Combined with aromatherapy, these healing treatment oils are created with high quality organic ingredients that provide dramatic improvements to hair and scalp health.

RA Hair Lounge Custom Oil Treatment

To continue your journey of natural beauty and healing at home, RA offers two take home hair oil treatments—RA_Block, consistent of jojoba, grape seed, apricot, yang slang and geranium; and RA_Gold, made of vanilla, avocado, jasmine, argon and sandalwood.

RA Hair Lounge Custom Oil Treatment

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