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HOW-TO: Rachel McAdams Modern Chignon by Mark Townsend

Rachel McAdams Golden Globes Chignon by Mark Townsend

Rachel McAdams wore her hair in a beautifully textured chignon to complement the bare shoulders of her dress at last night’s Golden Globe Awards. Her hairstylist, Mark Townsend breaks down how he created the look below.

Rachel McAdams Golden Globes Chignon by Mark Townsend

“Rachel McAdams is such an inspiration to work with and always has the greatest ideas. She just arrived late last night from London, so we laughed that she was flush like an English Rose! We wanted to find a very modern way to interpret such a classic look, so we decided on a very textured chignon with lots of volume.”

  1. I started by applying Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum in Oil into Rachel’s damp hair to nourish and seal the cuticle, then sprayed Sally Hershberger’s Root Envy throughout her roots.
  2. Then, I blew her hair out with a round Spornette mixed bristle brush round brush. Once the hair was fully dry, I used my trusty R Sessions Double Barrel Iron to create a wavy bendy feel.
  3. I then went through section by section and sprayed her locks with Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo for volume and texture.
  4. Finally, I went in with my YS Park gold bobby and hair pins and creating a lived in and sexy chignon, thanks to a bit of teasing at the crown and healthy spray of  Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Extra Hold Hairspray.

2 minutes

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