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NEED TO KNOW: Sand Art Hair, Moody Blue, and Color Blocking

This year the rainbow hair trend has been exploding with versatility. If you’re thinking of embracing your inner crayola inspired unicorn, we’re breaking down the three new variations that you need to know about.



Remember sand art from when you were a kid? The way the colors were raked together and molded into designs and patterns? It’s time to bring back the 90’s nostalgia onto your hair. The sand art technique is an art from in itself, painting each section of hair multiple colors and hues. Pravana guest artist Rebecca Taylor originally used this technique to recreate this Clashist sand art swimsuit.

It makes for some seriously mesmerizing manes. Rebecca even collaborated with Pravana to create a video walking you through her creative process of Sand Art hair. If you want to see what the process is like, check out our friends at Marie Claire.


color blocking

Pravana’s new Locked In color line ensures that there is no bleeding between colors when washing. This is huge in the world of hair color as the precision of the color application can really sing. This is best shown through the color blocking technique. Extreme geometric lines and shapes through hair color are now possible. This technique is when a colorist stacks multiple colors in horizontal sections, creating a bold and structured look. Customize the hues to create your own unique rainbow hair!


Moody Blue SIlver Grey Hair

So, what if you want some custom hair, but don’t want to commit your whole head to an array of rainbow colors? We love the idea of Moody Blue! Once again Pravana artist, Rebecca Taylor brings her unique coloring skills to bring new life to the silver hair trend, creating a muted metallic color with “peek-a-blue” strands and a chrome like finish.

The best part about these stormy locks, like all color trends, are that they are totally customizable! If you’re not into blue, request your desired color to complement your new chrome ‘do. 

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