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L.A.’s Definitive Guide to 5 Celebrity-Favorite Salons

Los Angeles is a “good hair day” mecca. The city is home to dozens of events per week, all attended by beautifully coiffed celebs. It should come as no surprise that these starlets need to get their hair cut, colored, and primed around town. For this reason, Lalaland is home to multiple celebrity favorite hair salons. Check out the list of our favorites below!

Nine Zero One

Don’t let your jaw hit the floor when you are sitting next to Sydney Sweeney during your next appointment. Salon owners Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee met back in 2002 at Fred Segal Salon and never looked back. The duo’s personality shines through their Instagram and product line. Their hard work and dedication are reflected in their celeb fans and the top-notch professionals working every chair.

Address: 8469 Melrose Pl, West Hollywood

Andy Lecompte Salon

When the salon owner works with epic talent like Madonna, you know you are in the right place. Andy Lecompte Salon is nestled in West Hollywood tucked behind famed Melrose Avenue. The salon was opened by Andy and his partner Leanne Citrone back in 2008. It wasn’t long before reviews from critically acclaimed outlets like Vogue started pouring in, calling the salon a must-visit spot for the glitterati.

Address: 616 N Almont Dr, West Hollywood

454 North

Robertson Boulevard is practically an institution in L.A. It gave us Kitson, endless paparazzi videos, and celeb-adorned 454 North Salon. Walk through the large, dark doors and you will be greeted by a magical garden with a comfortable sitting area. The designer interiors are only second to the crazy list of talent that works inside those doors.

Address: 454 North Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood

Meche Salon

Tracey Cunningham has been a legend in color for years. The entrepreneur and her partner Neil Weisberg opened up the salon on Burton Way in Beverly Hills to give her clients the very best in haircare. You would think their A+ list of clients would have Tracey and Neil doing only house calls, but you can find the power due on the salon floor most days. The energy and passion they bring to the salon every day are echoed by their over 20 professionals who work on everything from color to cuts.

Address: 8820 Burton Way, Beverly Hills

Sally Hershberger Los Angeles

Sally Hershberger invented the shag haircut in the ’90s and has been a salon legend ever since. The West Hollywood outpost is one of the five eponymous salons from the haircut maven. You will recognize her signature style in the lived-in locks Miley Cyrus has been sporting around town.

Address: 760 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood

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