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WHAT TO BUY: The Life Changing Rapunzel Extension Bag

If you’re a hairstylist on the go or a girl with a great mane, chances are you’ve got a lot of extensions in your aresenal. When traveling, or on set, it’s common to see a bunch of tattered ziplock bags full of hair, or even worse, extensions just floating around in a purse. But we know that the cost of great quality hair can be expensive, and we want to make your investment worth it. Take care of your tresses and keep them organized with our new collaboration with Rapunzel of Sweden, one of our favorite 100% human hair manufacturers. We’ve teamed with Rapunzel to bring you three varieties of hair extension organizers…


Rapunzel Single Organizer

This is for the girl who has her coveted piece of extensions that she wears regularly. Hang it up on the portable clip on hanger that you can use to air dry, blowdry, or brush your strands smooth. Keep the hair safe from odors and the environment by zipping the bag closed, prolonging the life of your extensions.



4 Compartment Extension Bag

Perhaps you have clip-on’s and a fall you like to travel with, or your a hairstylist who wants to bring options on set. Use the compartments to sort your hair by color, texture, or type or use the compartments for styling and hair extension application tools. Simply roll up the bag and use the strap for easy on the go access.



10 Compartment Extension Bag

The bag for the prepared! This bag is perfect for sorting a variety of hair and accessories. The transparent compartments, mean sorting through hair is easy and accessible, and the lightweight bag won’t add any extra bulk to your luggage!

Get yours now at Rapunzel of Sweden!

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