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HOW-TO: Razor-Cut Bangs at Self Portrait FW16 by Jimmy Paul

Razor Cut Bangs Self Portrait FW16 NYFW Jimmy Paul

At Self Portrait FW16, we saw ornate monochromatic, embroidered-lace and floral pieces, made all the more extravagant by hints of hues such as plum, powder blue, and lavender.
Razor Cut Bangs Self Portrait FW16 Jimmy Paul NYFW

In keeping with the collection’s “romanticism with an attitude” feel, key hairstylist Jimmy Paul went for disheveled Samurai ponytails and clip-in bangs that were razor cut on all models.  “We just tried a bunch of different things and we wanted to have a uniformity with the girls,” Paul said.  Steps to the fresh look, below.

Razor Cut Bangs Self Portrait FW16 NYFW Jimmy Paul


  1. Apply Bumble and bumble Bb.Gel into hands and pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with elastic, creating a loop in the hair and allowing the rest of the ponytail to fall.
  2. For added shine, apply more Bb.Gel.
  3. Attach a clip-in bang and dampen with Bumble and bumble Prep.
  4. Razor cut to personalize the look.

Here’s how to wear clip-in bangs.

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