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This Is How Much 4 Women Spend on Hair Color

There are a few secrets we will take to the grave: how many shots we took during college, our credit card statement, and how much we spend on hair color. Hair color pricing has become a taboo subject because of the wide spectrum it inhabits. We spoke to four real women and had them dish under anonymity how much they actually splurge when they get their tresses colored. Be ready to be surprised!

(via Unsplash)

Name: Anna

Occupation: Lawyer in Southern California

She Spent: $12.99 for hair color

Anna had been getting her fix at a fancy salon pre-quarantine. As the days, weeks, then months went by, she realized her salon wasn’t going to be open anytime soon. Her roots bothered her every day and she went down a deep-dark online hole on YouTube. She found a few tutorials on DIY hair and decided to give it a try. She ordered a box of dye and went to town. She reports that she couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t exactly how her fancy colorist took care of it, but it was good enough. She’s thinking of saving hundreds of dollars every few months by sticking to this method permanently.

Name: Andrea

Occupation: Publicist in Los Angeles

She Spent: $600.00 + tip for hair color

Andrea has been a social butterfly in the LA scene since her early twenties. She grew up in Manhattan so when she was new in Los Angeles, pricing seemed reasonable. That is until she discovered celebrity colorist salons. When we spoke to her she’d bounced around to three but reports finally finding her match in West Hollywood. She confesses that even if she was in dire straights, she would find a way to save up for hair color.

(via Unsplash)

Name: Meredith

Occupation: Beauty Brand Founder in Arizona

She Spent: $150.00 + $30 tip for hair color

Meredith swears by her lush blonde locks she’s sported since high school. She travels a lot for work but her hair colorist is from her hometown in Arizona. She hasn’t swayed much from the original color she’s sported for all of these years and her hair colorist nails it every time. She doesn’t get a blowout or cut for the price but she has another artist she loves for trims and visits him regularly for a reasonable price.

Name: Maria

Occupation: Marketing Manager in Southern California

She Spent: $200 + tip for hair color

Maria considers herself a “no fuss” girl and is convinced that if her 21-year-old self found out how much she spends on color she would be appalled. She never dyed her hair before college but started after a girl at her first job impressed her with the most beautiful honey highlights. She still feels guilty about spending this amount and hides her bill from her husband. She has been visiting the same colorist for years and they started at a $150 price point and it increased $50 during their six years together.

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