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Be Harley Quinn With These 15 Red and Black Hair Color Combos

Have you seen The Suicide Squad one too many times at this point? Do Harley Quinn’s red and black locks have you inspired to dye your hair with those hues as well? You’ve come to the right place. We are also in that same boat and have spent too much time on the internet looking for black and red hair. And, we’ve found a lot of it. Instagram and Pinterest are rife with tons of stunning red and black hair color ideas. Of course, we wanted to share them with you. Scroll below for all the hair color inspiration you need for these two hues so that you can channel your inner Harley Quinn!

Harley Quinn with red and black hair in The Suicide Squad movie | Mane Addicts
(The Suicide Squad via Warner Bros. Pictures)

1. Red Roots and Black All Over

Elevate your wolf cut or shag hairstyle by adding some red at your roots and black throughout. You can even add pops of red underneath to give it some extra dimension.

2. Red and Black Colorblock

Take the split dye style to a whole other level with this color block take on the trend.

3. Red and Black Split Dye

Or, you can stick to the tried-and-true split dye. It’s just as effective and looks equally as Harley Quinn-esque, if not more.

4. Red and Black Hair Ombré

This one is a little less Harley and a little more Ariel, but it’s still a stunning look. That black to red ombré has us under a spell the way it seamlessly cascades from red to black.

5. Two-Toned Red and Black Hair

Two-toned hair is the hair color of the moment. And, of course, it looks stunning with these two colors. We’re ready to dye our strands right now.

6. Red Underneath

Another classic way to incorporate these colors into your dye job is with the color underneath. You can opt for red underneath…

7. Black Underneath

…Or, you can go with black underneath. It all depends on the style that best fits your vibe.

8. Red Skunk Highlights in Black Hair

Skunk hair is back, all! Add some color to the trend by opting for red chunky highlights in black over.

9. Red Money Piece Highlights

It’s all about the money with these piecey red highlights.

10. Black Money Piece Highlights

You can even do it the other way around. Thanks for the red and black hair inspiration, Bebe Rexha!

11. V-Shaped Bangs

Hoping to look like a Monster High character? We’ve got just the look for you.

12. Ombré Knotless Braids

If you wear braids, you can still get in on the red and black hair color trend. This should go without saying, but we’re going to stress that you should not try this hairstyle unless you are Black.

13. Micro Fro-Hawk

Give your short strands some color and darken your roots with this fro-hawk look. Again, please don’t try to recreate this hairstyle if you aren’t Black.

14. Red to Black Hair Ombré

Pull an Uno reverse card on the ombré trend and go from red to black instead of the more sought-after dye trend.

15. Black and Red Pigtails

Really live out your Harley Quinn fantasy with this almost identical look to the one she sported in The Suicide Squad.


We know this is about Harley Quinn, but it’s also an excuse for us to talk about Margot Robbie. We ranked her best hair moments HERE!

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