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How to Make Red Hair Look Shiny and Last Long

Cue the confetti—Apple finally got with the hair times and introduced a redhead emoji. With lustrous red hues of copper and strawberry blonde on the rise for spring plus a plethora of silver screen starlets who give us red envy, it’s our duty to equip red babes with the right tools to keep their color ablaze. We tapped color correction pro and owner of Chicago’s Color Me New Salon, Nora Dababneh—whose Instagram feed is brimming with the bright hue—on how to maintain the Little Mermaid hair color. Ahead, Nora shares her tips, including the best shampoos and hair masks to make red hair glossy and healthy for more than just a week.

Photo: @noradababneh

What are some factors that cause red hair color to fade fast?

Some factors that cause red hair color to fade fast could be the simple fact that the hair is too porous. Another factor could be that the hair cuticle isn’t sealed after a color service. In my opinion, if the hair is too porous I would recommend servicing a porosity filler for your client. Doing so will allow him/her to have an all over even color along with a chance for longevity. An at home kit I would recommend is the Redken Time Reset Porosity Filler At-Home Kit.

What’s the best shampoo and conditioner for maintaining different shades of red?

The best shampoo for different shades of red is Joico Color Infuse Red Shampoo, because it’s filled with antioxidants and has UV protection that works from inside the cuticle out. The best conditioner for maintaining shiny red hair is the Joico Color Infuse Red Conditioner. I always think it’s best to use the same brand shampoo and conditioner. Works best together.

Are there any ingredients or hair products redheads should avoid?

Red heads should avoid using products that have sulfates, parabens and alcohol.

What’s your go-to treatment/repair masks for redheads to repair damage and maintain shine?

It’s always important to include a hair mask in your weekly regime. The best treatment is the Joico K-Pak Reconstructor! The shine it leaves in the hair is unreal! My other favorite one to use is the Joico K-Pak Luster Lock Hair Treatment, filled with protein that helps repair the hair over time.

Photo: @noradababneh

When’s the correct/best time for a redhead to use a treatment/repair mask—before or after a color process? Both?

Depending on the hair, I personally think that it could be either. I would use a mask after the cuticle is sealed to make sure the red is held in strong and long!

Are there any hairsprays specifically designed for redheads that you love?

Kenra Alcohol-Free Shaping Hairspray is the best kind to use on redheads.

Do you have any other pro tips/secrets for keeping red hair looking vibrant and healthy?

Rinse with cool water, ALWAYS! Seal that cuticle baby!

What are the least damaging shades of red?

No shade of red should ever be damaging. If done professionally by an educated colorist, it should all be done in the best interest of the clients integrity of the hair.

What shades of red are you currently getting the most requests for?

The most requested shade of red is COPPER! Can’t get enough of this fierce shade!



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