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From Ginger Orange to Mulled Wine, Here Is Every Red Hair Color Shade Worth Trying

There’s a rainbow of different red hair color shades out there. From auburn to copper to cherry cola, red hair colors vary—so how do you know which one is worth trying? Or which one will look best on you? Read on for some red-spiration, and some of our favorite red hair color ideas!

1. Ginger Orange

Ginger orange hues are incredibly hot right now, and they look extra spectacular underneath the beaming summer sun. This hue can work for anyone, but those with yellow or olive undertones won’t find this nearly as flattering as a cooler red.

2. Golden Copper

Golden copper sits between a strawberry blonde and ginger orange, but the key difference here is the golden tones. The addition of highlights creates a dimension that helps take this hue closer to blonde without losing its red roots.

3. Coral Copper

Coral copper, often called bright strawberry, is a beautiful mix of true copper and hints of pink. The addition of pink in this red hair color shade allows us to stay in the copper realm without going too red, or too deep. This hue can look gorgeous on nearly any skin tone, especially when done right and kept vibrant.

4. Rose Gold

Believe it or not, rose gold is still considered a shade of red. If coral copper does everything it can to retain its orange depths, rose gold does the opposite. Rather than adding in small amounts of pink hues, we lean fully into it and use the copper as an accent to help create this rosy yet copper gold hue.

5. Strawberry Blonde

True strawberry blonde is light, airy, and somewhat pink. This gorgeous shade does occur naturally in some (the lucky ones), but at the salon, this shade can shift entirely based on preferences. For those with skin that looks better with gold tones vs. pink, your stylist can easily adjust this when customizing your color.

6. True Orange

True orange is a bright and bold statement hue that is a total head turner. While this shade of red hair color may take a little effort to keep up with, it is entirely worth it.

7. True Red

True natural red is one of the hardest to get hues. And while some are lucky enough to don it naturally, it isn’t impossible to achieve in the salon. True red retains a lot of brown tones, while still giving off a major ginger glow.

8. Cinnamon Brown

Cinnamon brown is a great hue to try if you’re already a brunette and looking to try a bolder, red shade. This hair color glows with enough warmth and bronzey tones to give off red vibes without going the whole way.

9. Auburn

Auburn is a red hair color shade that offers a little bit of everything. The brunette tones within this hue offer a bit of depth to keep the shade more “natural,” while the red-copper tones give off the right amount of glow. This red shade is perfect for warmer, peachy skin tones.

10. Cranberry Red

Oftentimes red hair color shades can appear a bit “thin” or “hollow.” But this cranberry red hue is the perfect way to go full-on red while still retaining a lot of depth and richness.

11. Bright Red

Bright red is ultra-vibrant. This bold fashion color requires special care to keep it from fading, like true orange, but it is entirely worth it if you want to rock this head-turning hue.

12. Burgundy

Burgundy is a beautiful shade of red hair color that is light enough to let the cooler, violet tones shine, but deep enough to complement nearly any skin tone. However, this hue is absolutely stunning on those with darker skin tones.

13. Mulled Wine

Mulled wine, while similar in depth to burgundy, leans more red than violet. This hue truly mimics the look of a glass of warm, deep red, spicy mulled wine.

14. Cherry Cola

Cherry cola is a gorgeous shade of red that really stands out in the daylight. While this hue is overwhelmingly a deep and rich brunette, the red undertones come together to create pops of dimension throughout your lengths.

15. Violet Red

The ever-popular violet red is the ultra-cool, opposite end of the red hair color spectrum. Super cool tone-wise, yet still super red, this deep and dark red hair color shade looks spectacular when used within an ombré or balayage.

Unsure of which shade of red to go with? According to an expert, THIS is the best shade of red for your skin tone!

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