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This Volumizing Mousse Is So Good, One Is Sold Every Minute!

Out of all our hair concerns, limp, lifeless locks make the top of the list. Thick and voluminous hair can make you feel powerful—especially if you own it, while thinning strands are just, meh. To inject a little oomph into otherwise drab strands, we’re putting you on to Redken Guts 10: $19.50. The volumizing mousse is so effective that one is sold every minute… which is crazy.

Redken Guts 10

To find out what all the hype is about, we reached out to Redken ambassador and celeb go-to, Chad Wood on how he makes it work. “I love using Guts 10 for all-over volume,” says Chad. “My trick? This product is also PERFECT for taming frizz as well,” he notes of its multi-beneficial use. “I love using it to prep hair for a voluminous, soft blowout that still feels natural,” he adds, of working the mousse in at all phases of mane-taming.

Aditi Sharma who works with the brand as the AVP of Marketing also relies on the gravity-defying Guts. “Guts 10 is one of my favorite Redken products,” she says. “At first, when consumers hear volume, or mousse, they might fear that their hair will turn out sticky or stiff. But this product adds fullness and thickness to hair while leaving the hair soft and flexible – it’s a must-have for any voluminous look, or for consumers with thinner hair who are craving a bit ‘more.’”

You can use Redken Guts 10 to provide hold, keep frizz and flyaways under wraps, and of course, plump-up strands with added volume and insta-thiccness.

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