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Celebrity Stylist Adored Brand Goes Sustainable—Here’s Why the Brand Ambassadors Love It

Redken just got a major upgrade and we have all the intel on the brand’s latest relaunch!

Loved my colorists, hairdressers, and the general public, this legacy brand continues to up the game of haircare with their innovative products. Redken’s relaunch in 2021 focuses on sustainability and inclusivity.

Their entire haircare brand has been renovated with Cradle to Cradle certified (a very prestigious achievement) packaging that’s recyclable and comprised of at least 93% recycled plastic. Not only that, Redken partnered with the Braille Institute to add braille to the shampoo and conditioner packaging.

We could not be more excited for this Redken relaunch and neither could our favorite Redken Brand Ambassadors. We spoke with Matt Rez, Rodney Cutler, and Cassondra Kaeding to hear their thoughts on the relaunch. Read what they had to share below!

Mane Addicts: What do you love most about Redken?

Matt Rez: My favorite thing about Redken is their variety and inclusivity when it comes to both in-salon hair color products and at-home retail products. There’s something for everyone; and that makes it easy for me to recommend something to my clients at the end of a salon service to keep their hair as healthy as possible.

Rodney Cutler: First of all, I love the science, and how the science is driven by the art of hair. Whether it’s science, education, or the commitment of service to our guests in our salon, Redken is constantly evolving. Having been with the brand for almost 20 years, I am so excited to see this packaging renovation. Redken is always committed to its pros and this new packaging really reflects our professional difference.

Cassondra Kaeding: I love that Redken gives me every solution I’d need for at-home care maintenance for my clients. The new Acidic Bonding Concentrate is such an amazing range—it does all the work for you! It softens, smooths, reduces the appearance of split ends, and strengthens hair. Plus, it smells and looks amazing. I recommend it to all my clients to maintain their healthiest hair.

MA: What’s your favorite part about the Redken redesign?

MR: My favorite thing about the redesign is that the bottles are almost 100% recyclable and that they are made from at least 93% recycled plastic (excluding the caps). This makes me feel so good that a brand I love so much is taking the right steps in regards to their environmental impact. I also love how Redken has included braille on the shampoos and conditioners. Inclusivity is so important, and it’s so heartwarming to me. It just feels so nice to know that even more people will have the opportunity to try the products.

RC: We love things the way they are, and we can get comfortable too easily. The hair industry is born on change and evolution, so it’s important we constantly evolve and change as well. I love that this packaging reflects all of the innovation Redken has always had, with the focus on the science and the focus on the pro, in this new, modern packaging that my guests love.

CK: I love how the bottles look and how Redken kept the original colors of the ranges. It’s so easy for my clients to find it in the salon. They’re always telling me, ‘I love the purple range from Redken.’ And I instantly know they’re talking about Blondage. It was such a smart idea to keep the colors with a new, elevated look.

MA: Why’s it important to support a brand that focuses on sustainability?

MR: Anything that we can do to lessen our environmental impact, the better. Plus, my clients care about the environment and it’s so great for me to be able to recommend Redken to them and let them know that the brand cares about what they care about.

RC: It’s so important that we contribute to making our world a better place. More than ever, our guests are also aware of their own environmental impact and what they’re contributing to the world. They expect us to do better, and we want to do better.

CK: It’s important to think about our environmental impact overall. I am proud to be an ambassador for a brand that is taking the right steps in focusing on their own environmental impact.

MA: What’s a misconception about the Redken relaunch you’d like to debunk?

MR: I think a big misconception my clients have overall is the importance of using professional products. I like to tell them how to care for their hair between appointments, and to me, it’s so important they don’t just wash their beautiful color down the drain. It’s imperative that they use the right color care products after a color service to keep their hair healthy. Once they see the difference, they believe it. I love using this new packaging to get them excited about what they need to use on their hair; it’s so modern, so chic, and looks great in their shower.

RC: New packaging means that the formulas are totally different—they’re not. Redken kept your favorite formulas with a fresh facelift. It’s more than just new packaging, because the bottles are recyclable, made of recycled plastic, and have braille on the shampoos and conditioners.

CK: My clients love their favorite Redken ranges, so I am so excited that I get to show them these new, modern bottles, without worrying that they might not like their favorite products anymore. And again, these look so good in your shower. I love how they look and feel!

The entire renovated line will be available on Amazon in March and at Ulta in April.

Not sure how to cover grays? Cassondra will walk you through how to use the Redken Color Gel Lacquers for seamless gray coverage HERE!

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