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Everything You Need to Know Before Utilizing Reiki for Hair Growth

Reiki became my saving grace during the pandemic. When my desire to practice yoga and meditation dwindled, the energy healing practice swooped in and saved the day. It became something I used for anything and everything. From anxiety to headaches, there was a Reiki YouTube video out there for me. As I was getting more and more niche into my own Reiki endeavors, I began to wonder if the meditative practice could be used to promote hair growth. I reached out to Reiki masters Julia Jovone and Khrystle Rea to discover whether or not the alternative therapy could lengthen my locks. Read their expert advice below!

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Can Reiki Even Help Promote Hair Growth?

Reiki can be used for many things: anxiety, depression, sleep, love, and so much more. But when it comes to hair growth, does it have anything to offer? The Reiki masters believe it does. Julia notes that because the practice is incredibly powerful, she believes “that setting the right intention followed by Reiki energy can increase and send healing energy to help smooth follicles and also help with hair regrowth.”

Khrystle agrees, sharing “Reiki transcends beyond time and space so it is capable of helping us with future goals that we have. If your goal is to have hair growth, then yes it can work.”

Who Would Benefit the Most From Using Energy Healing for Hair Growth?

Reiki isn’t for everyone, given that a large part of it focuses on intentions. If you don’t believe it’ll work, it won’t. You don’t necessarily need to be a Reiki master to reap the rewards of the alternative therapy, but you do need to believe in it. “It is really about the person’s intention and what they desire,” Khrystle says. “The Reiki energy is helping to assist that person’s desire.”

Both Khrystle and Julia agree that anyone who has the desire to receive Reiki for hair loss can benefit from the practice. Julia does stress, however, that if you’re experiencing extreme hair loss, you should reach out to a medical professional.

How Should the Alternative Therapy Be Used for Hair Growth?

There are a few ways to utilize Reiki for hair growth. For those who are already attuned to Reiki, Julia and Khrystle suggest participating in a self-practice. Julia shares that “by using a simple intention before a self-Reiki healing session for hair growth, you are signaling where you want the energy to be placed. With attention and added emotion, you are allowing that energy to move to that particular area just by simply saying ‘May the power of Reiki flow to my scalp and allow my hair to grow.'”

Additionally, Khrystle shares that we can utilize Reiki for hair growth by “writing down this goal a piece of paper and sending Reiki to it.” It’s as simple as that for those of you who are attuned to the practice.

Many of you likely aren’t attuned to Reik. In that case, both of the Reiki masters suggesting scheduling a session with a practitioner or master “to assist you on your hair healing journey.” Working with someone who is attuned to Reiki energy will help you more than watching a YouTube video. That extra bit of personalization can’t be found from any ol’ Reiki video.

What Are Any Other Hair Benefits Reiki Has to Offer?

Reiki is an incredibly powerful practice that can greatly benefit those who us it. “Reiki can do more than just assist with hair growth. It can also become an added benefit to your everyday wellness or holistic lifestyle,” shares Julia. Khrystle mentions that “Reiki is meant to provide healing that is in a person’s highest and greatest good and it will work with your specific intention.”

Ultimately, Reiki can do so much more than help you grow your strands. But, it’s important to remember that it comes down to your intentions. You have to believe in Reiki for it to work for you.

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