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Retinol Gummies Are a New Thing, and Here’s Why You Actually Want Them for Your Hair

When we think of retinol, skincare obviously comes to mind. A topical anti-aging formula produced from vitamin A, this powerful treatment often requires doctor approval before use. But as of very recently, Embody retinol gummies have surfaced.

Before you go naysaying yet another gimmicky chewable, these are sworn to be different, according to their founder, Jenn Chung. Not only do they help you avoid a potentially adverse reaction with your skin, but two gummies a day is said to make your skin appear more evenly pigmented. Texture is also said to be eliminated, and collagen production is increased, which results in more youthful-looking skin that exhibits a luminous glow.

And perhaps the biggest difference/added bonus of all? Embody retinol gummies strengthen hair and nails, too. With that said, it only made sense Mane Addicts got the lowdown on these chewy ingestibles, straight from their founder herself.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Embody retinol gummies, and why you just may want to retire your other beauty supplements.

Mane Addicts: How did the concept of Embody retinol gummies come to be? And how long was the process from start to finish in seeing these come to fruition?

Jenn Chung: I remember how frustrating it was experimenting with a countless number of products all promising to do the same things: unclog pores, get rid of acne, fade scarring, help with anti-aging. Eventually, skincare became expensive and exhausting. I was sick of playing bathroom-counter-chemist. I wanted an affordable and realistic solution that would treat my skincare concerns without all the time, expense, and hassle of a 10-step routine. I had a background in beauty supplements through my mom, so it was a logical place for me to start my journey. Retinol has always been one of my favorite skincare ingredients, and I knew it would be the foundation for this one-and-done product I envisioned. 

So my team and I got to work. The retinol gummy took us about six months from conception to production. We had some setbacks with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, but we were ultimately able to pull off a successful launch in June 2020 and have been plugging away ever since.

MA: What’s the difference between retinol gummies and topical retinol (besides application/consumption)?

JC: The benefits are similar, but extended over your entire body. You’ll see improvement in the skin on your body as well as your face because nutrients are being distributed throughout your body. Because there’s a much larger surface area that’s being stimulated with a lower concentration of retinol, you don’t get the harsh reaction that comes with topical retinol. Topical retinol’s irritation and sensitization comes from your skin cells being overstimulated where the product is applied.

With ingestible retinol, there’s no purge, no sensitization, no photosensitivity, and no irritation. For peak results, we recommend combining oral and topical retinol. But for most of our customers, oral retinol is more than enough to give their skin the glow and healing they’re looking for. 

MA: Traditional retinol formulas aren’t for everyone. Is the same the case with the gummies?

JC: Oral retinol produces a similar effect to topical retinol in terms of cell turnover. What makes topical retinol so potent is the limitation of application. Cell turnover is limited and concentrated in the area you applied the product. This often results in irritation, redness, and purging at the site of application as your cells adjust to the new stimulation. As much as I love retinol, I hate the process of using it. You can’t use these products daily and you have to wean on to them over an extended period of time to avoid harming your skin. It’s a lot of work, a lot of cash, and a lot of risk. The retinol gummy distributes retinol throughout your cells, so cell turnover stimulation is more gentle and diluted, meaning no irritation or purging. The retinol gummy is also a no-brainer. You just take two a day, no chemistry involved. I love the ease, the gentle results, and the taste.

MA: Topical retinol formulas aren’t known to improve hair. What is it about the gummies that help hair as well?

JC: What we love about the retinol gummy is that it’s not just retinol. Our gummy also contains folate to support cell growth, a host of B vitamins for maintaining healthy blood flow, and biotin to help improve the thickness and shine of your hair. All-around nutrition is an important part of maintaining great hair, which is why we felt it was so important to add those essential vitamins and nutrients to our gummy, in addition to retinol. 

MA: Ultimately, what can people expect from taking the advised gummy dosage daily? How can they maximize the results?

JC: Everyone’s timeline is a little bit different. But, within 12 weeks of usage, you can generally expect your skin to feel more hydrated and smooth, breakouts to be less frequent, pigmentation to start fading, and less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. To maximize your results, throw topical retinol into the mix. Make sure to use an encapsulated or time-release retinol to reduce irritation and go slow. Our other tips for maximizing results are drinking plenty of water, getting a good night’s rest, and eating a balanced diet. It’s amazing what those three things can do for your skin.

MA: Who will benefit most from Embody retinol gummies?

JC: Whether you’re new to skincare or a skin expert, Embody’s gummies are a tasty addition to any beauty routine. If you’re experiencing acne or have dry, dull skin, taking two gummies a day can help deliver the necessary nutrients your skin needs to prevent breakouts and premature aging. Bonus tip: Men love it. Seriously. If your man won’t do a skincare routine, try giving him this! We don’t recommend the retinol gummy for pregnant or nursing women or those with prior medical conditions.  

MA: What can you say to people who think all gummies are gimmicks?

JC: We hear you, and we get why you’d think that. Look, a lot of gummies are gimmicks. It’s hard to know if you’re really getting what the label says you are, or if you’re just eating a little sugar bomb. To the skeptics we say, give gummies a try from a company you know and trust and stick to vitamins and minerals. Herbs are usually dosed in higher volumes than a gummy format can handle, so you definitely won’t be getting the full benefits that you would with a pill or capsule formula for those.

Our motto is that we never put out a product that we don’t use ourselves. Our entire team uses the retinol gummy. All the products we have set for next year were tested by our team for months before entering production.  

MA: Please provide a bit about your beauty/skincare background. 

JC: When I was a teenager, my mom opened her own beauty company, Forever Beaumore. As an immigrant single mother of three, she was always entrepreneurial, but she was truly passionate about skincare and the business took off. I started packing boxes in our garage when I was 15, and worked my way up through the company ranks to become president in 2017. During that same time, I also started competing in beauty pageants. I was honored to have won Miss Asian America, Miss Vietnam of Northern California, and Miss California USA: People’s Choice.

As President of Forever Beaumore, I worked closely with my mother to develop new products and our best-selling product was a liquid beauty supplement. That’s where my interest in ingestible beauty really started. I loved working with my mom at Forever Beaumore, but the Vietnamese brand never really resonated with me. I wanted a brand for girls like myself, so I made one.

MA: Is there anything else you’d like to add about Embody or retinol usage in general?

JC: Retinol is scary. It’s time-consuming to wean on to, it’s expensive, and you practically need a chemistry degree to figure out how to use it and with what. Embody is here to say “eff that” and make things simpler. As much as I love the pampering of a 10-step skincare regimen, my skin has never looked better than when I brought my routine back to basics: cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, and gummies. I really do dare you to ditch your topicals and see what delicious skincare can really do. 

We wanted to dig a little deeper into how retinol can benefit our hair so we reached out to the experts. HERE is what they had to say!

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