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The Reverse Balayage Is Trending for Fall—Everything You Need to Know

Yes, you read that right. Reverse balayage. The hottest trend in hair color this season has its roots (literally) in our favorite sunny tress technique. Reverse balayage is the process of adding depth into lighter locks, beginning at the root. For reference, balayage is adding lighter pieces by hand, mainly from the mid-shaft down to the ends, to brighten up the tips. It’s pretty much ideal for blonde babes looking to make moves toward the dark side without all that commitment. We’ve got all that blonde-to-brunette inspiration coming your way below. Check out these six reverse balayage looks, ranging from brown butter balayage and brunette balayage to natural tones, that we love.

1. Brown Butter Balayage

Take your bright blonde strands and tone them down a notch with this technique. This brown butter reverse balayage is giving us autumn vibes.

2. Warm Blonde

Warm up your blonde with a little caramel dimension. Reverse balayage can take an icy blonde to a fall-approved shade.


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3. Spicy Brunette

Did you take your brunette lighter than ever this summer? Add a little chestnut in at the roots for a reverse balayage color dream.

4. Cool Tones

This look is all about dimension. A platinum hue would look amazing with a neutral shade in the mix.

5. Caramel Balayage

Blonde balayage can get a little brassy—time for a re-up. Instead of doubling down on the highlights, go all in on a darker hue for a candy-colored shade overall.


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6. Natural Shade

Natural-looking blondes have more fun. A reverse balayage can take processed platinum to a more lived-in tone.

This isn’t the only interesting balayage technique there is. Could wet balayage be right for you? Find out HERE!

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