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6 Major Hair Changes That Are Instantly Reversible

Some people are bigger risk-takers than others, but there are commitments that even the boldest of the bunch don’t want to make.

When it comes to your hair, making a lengthy chop or adding damaging color can seriously be a years-long recovery process. But that shouldn’t stop you from the opportunity to experiment with looks.

That’s where the following options come into play. Keep reading for six major hair changes that are instantly reversible.     View this post on Instagram           

1. Clip-In Hair Extensions

While regular extensions are damaging, expensive and a commitment, clip-ins are an excellent temporary solution for fuller or longer locks. Place them in your hair wherever you please, and remove them without issue. The best part is they have clip-ins for your every need: bangs, color, you name it!     View this post on Instagram           

2. Hair Chalk

Much like its name suggests, this product is a dry, temporary hair color formula, perfect for adding a pop of shade to an otherwise subtle ‘do. Affordable and easy to remove, the color goes on effortlessly, and truly looks salon-fresh. The great part is you have full control of where you want the color to go.     View this post on Instagram           

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3. Instatint Colored Hair Spray

If you want to go bold, Joico’s Instatint colored hair spray is your bet. Coming in an array of vibrant shades, you can mix and match or stick to one all around. And this formula is no joke—it’ll require a few hefty washes before you get it out of your hair. But when it comes to Halloween, or just a fun night on the town, this will get the job done. It appears Joico has discontinued the popular product, but rest assured it’s on Amazon, as linked above.     View this post on Instagram           

4. Stick Straight Locks (on Usually Wavy Hair)

If you’re known for your unruly waves, or you always have your hair in a bun so that no one can see your lengthy locks, opt for a stick-straight ‘do to change things up. You’ll be shocked at how something so seemingly minor can change your entire face, therefore your appearance. While flat-ironing curly hair can be a daunting task, if you only do it once in a while, it’s worth it for the changeup.     View this post on Instagram           

5. Wavy Curls (on Usually Stick Straight Hair)

The opposite of No. 4, getting a wavy blowout or putting a curling iron to task on stick-straight hair will surely gain attention. Straight hair gives off a sense of perfectionism and organization, while a big head of curls shows people you’re not afraid to let loose every now and then.     View this post on Instagram           

6. Wigs

We remember back in the day when wigs were limited to the cheap witch costumes we swooped up from Spirit Halloween. Those big, black heaps of synthetic hair came balled up in a tangled mess. Welp, fast-forward to an Instagram era where the likes of Kylie Jenner have made wigs a very casual accessory. Sure, she’s going to opt for the highest-grade quality, but due to these hair pieces’ popularity, there are more and more available of decent caliber. And especially if you’re looking for a one-time wear, you can find virtually any length, color and style online at reasonable prices—so if you throw it away or it falls apart after, it’s no big deal.     View this post on Instagram           

While you may not be ready for a big permanent change, THESE celebs made some recent dramatic hair chops!

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