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An Honest Review of Alodia Hair Care’s Wash n Go Routine

If you have super curly hair with an extra side of frizz, you’ll live for what I’m about to tell you. I’ve personally tested and now fully approve a solid textured hair care line called Alodia.

Founded by Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris, a certified trichologist and P.h.D. scientist, this line takes product formulation for textured hair to new heights. They’re made entirely with natural ingredients that cater to the essential needs of your scalp to promote longer, healthier strands.

I love that as a woman of color herself, Dr. Isfahan completely understands textured hair and the misconceptions that surround it. She aims to educate and empower women through her impeccably designed products and I had the privilege of trying out the brand’s Wash n Go routine.

The Wash n Go Routine – Explained

The Wash n Go routine intensely moisturizes the scalp, strengthens hair at the root, and enhances your natural curl pattern. You begin with step one, a pre-poo (their nourish and grow scalp oil), then you apply their conditioning shampoo in the shower and seal it with their deep moisturizing masque. This preps the hair for ultimate styling ease and perfection. You can then use their curl enhancing butter creme on wet hair and finish off the whole process with the curling cream gel. This may sound overwhelming, but preserving the health of your strands makes it completely worth the commit. The steps can also be customized based on your desired curl hold. If you prefer a softer hold, use more creme, for a more refined hold use more gel.

My Review of the Products

I was beyond excited to try this routine due to the customizable steps and natural essence of the products. As I’ve begun to adopt a more holistic hair care and beauty routine, it was important that I find products that are free of sulfates, parabens and other toxic ingredients. All of Alodia’s products use only plant herbs and extracts which smell so refreshing. As I opened the conditioning shampoo, I was greeted by the soothing scent of peppermint so it was an immediate yes from me.

After working the conditioning shampoo and deep conditioning mask through, I moved on to the curl-defining productions. I’ll admit, after just one use my hair still seemed a bit dry and frizzy, but I decided to stick with it. After all, I know repairing your hair is a delicate process that requires massive patience. After three usages of the whole routine, I began noticing a huge difference in the amount of moisture my hair retained. This was major for me as I’ve struggled with dry, brittle hair for quite some time. My natural curl pattern started to become more prominent and there was a little extra shine that wasn’t there before.

Since starting to incorporate these products into my normal routine, my strands just continue to improve. At times, I’ll only use the curl-defining products or on no-wash days, just the deep conditioning mask. I adored getting to try them out because of their versatility and how the steps can be used synergistically or separately. The mark of a well-thought out hair care system (especially for textured hair) is one that considers all hair types, doesn’t use harsh chemicals and deeply replenishes locks. Alodia does all of the above all while celebrating women of color in a way that deeply touches my heart.

Now that you’ve been fully briefed on Alodia’s products, get to know Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris even further, HERE.

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