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An Honest Review of Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER Beauty Ionic Pro Dryer

Drew Barrymore expanded her beauty line to include a range of hair tools, and we couldn’t be more excited!

FLOWER, which retails at, is growing their range to include a collection of hair styling essentials curated by Drew Barrymore that are not only high-quality, but also bold and beautiful. The offering includes six must-have hair tools that are multi-functional and versatile, ensuring we have alll the options we need for styling our strands under $80: a rotating styling iron, an ionic volumizing styler, ceramic straightening iron, ceramic straightening hot brush, a travel dryer and the pro dryer– the latter which we were able to get our hands on.

Cristina Girardo, our Social Media Manager, joined in on a Zoom with Drew Barrymore for the launch and was able to take the Iconic Pro Dryer ($79.98) out for a test drive. Below, she shares her honest thoughts.

FLOWER Ionic Pro Dryer: $79.98

Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty
via Cristina Girardo

The packaging for haircare shifted from the makeup and skincare’s line typical rose gold and white packaging to amped up colors and bright hues. I love how FLOWER wanted to steer away from ugly black cords, so all the cords are fun pops of color, like the unique bubblegum pink cord. It’s so cute and makes for the perfect flat lay.

Additionally, the Ionic Pro Dryer comes with a detachable and appropriately pink nozzle, and the dryer itself has a slight weightiness to it without being too heavy which feels very luxe, especially for the price point. It has a great air flow as well as a control dial that allows for custom airflow strength – it dried my hair quickly! Would definitely recommend, especially those looking for an effective hairdryer at a great price that will look cute in all your IGTV videos and Tik Toks! — Review by Cristina Girardo

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