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Rosemary and Coconut Are the Stars in Pacifica’s Vegan Hair Products

Being in quarantine doesn’t mean your hair takes second fiddle. Pacifica’s new vegan haircare line allows you to protect your strands from the comfort of your own home. Pacifica’s rosemary and coconut hair collections are designed to nourish while leaving behind a yummy scent your shelter-in-place buddy won’t mind lounging at home with. The best part? The line was formulated without silicone, parabens, phthalates, SLS or mineral oil.

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Purify and revive your scalp with Pacifica’s rosemary collection that packs a punch. In addition to the hero ingredient, they infused products like Pacifica Rosemary Detox Scalp Scrub: $10.99 with witch hazel, sage, and thyme extracts. Using the product feels like a trip to the salon that you don’t have to break quarantine for. The satisfying smells capture your attention as soon as you squeeze the product into your hands. The clean feeling after application makes you continue coming back for more.

(via Pacifica)

The scalp product can then be followed by Pacifica Rosemary Purify Shampoo: $9.99 and the line’s Rosemary Purify Conditioner $9.99. The shampoo fights dry, flakey, or over oily situations in your scalp. It serves as a super scrub removing all build-up and leaving your hair and scalp feeling clean. The conditioner leaves your hair velvety-smooth and hydrated. It has a thick consistency straight from the bottle and easily melts into your hair as it provides moisture.

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You can end your at-home spa session with Pacifica Rosemary Split End and Scalp Treatment Serum: $10.99. The product works for both your ends and scalp, leaving behind a wonderful, clean smell.

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Pacifica also treats us with a trio of coconut, sea salt and vanilla in their second line. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for when you are staying safe at home. The smells are reminiscent of that beach vacation you will be so ready for come August. Pacifica Coconut Milk Leave on Detangling and Repair Spray: $13.99 is silicone-free. It easily removes knots from the driest of strands. Application is easy due to its spout and it doesn’t weigh hair down. You can also apply Pacifica Coco Gloss Shine Serum: $13.99 to finish off any style. Hemp seed oil and coconut deliver maximum shine with minimum frizz.

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