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This Water-Activated Powder Shampoo Is Sustainable and Works Like a Dream

There are only a few products that truly change hair care categories in our lifetime.

Examples include cordless tools, at-home color, and now: powder shampoo. Enter OWA, the world’s first water-activated powder shampoo.

Owa Moondust Hair Wash: $29


(via OWA)

The TSA friendly product was formulated by a chemist in her twenties, Kailey Bradt. About 80% of regular shampoos are water. Kailey’s idea was that by formulating a 0% water formula, not only would she be saving you mucho dinero, the 25-year-old would also be doing her part to save the environment.

(via OWA)

Using the product is pretty straightforward. First, you wet your hair and hands in preparation for the shampoo. Secondly, you sprinkle a thin layer of OWA’s Hair Wash in a zig-zag pattern across one of your hands. You then run both the palms of your hands for a few seconds to activate the powder formula. You will notice a very thick lather starting to form. After that is achieved, you slide the Hair Wash through your hair and massage it, giving extra TLC to your scalp. Rinse the product off and enjoy clean hair.


(via OWA)

The formula leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean. The small bottle is great for vacations and will last a long time without taking too much space. After using the shampoo I benefitted from adding a rich conditioner to my routine, so feel free to add an element of moisture to your wash after using OWA.

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