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Why This $166 Cult-Favorite Conditioner Is Actually Worth It

The first time I came across a glowing review of Philip B’s Russian Amber Conditioner, I was an assistant at a big agency. The reviewer recounted how her hair had been drastically transformed with just a few uses, so I toyed with the idea of giving up a few dinners so that I could stretch my assistant salary to get my hands on this aforementioned magic potion. Hey, who needs sustenance anyway?

Fast forward a few years and Philip B’s Russian Amber Conditioner still has the same magical grip on me. I’ve become a believer and can attest to the formula’s magic powers. Even after one use, the wearer will realize why this conditioner has had a cult following for years. A rich blend of L-amino acids and a healthy dose of Russian amber make this product completely unique to anything else on the market.

It’s easy to apply, the formula comes out thick from the tube but glides easily on wet hair. The package suggests you keep it on for three to five minutes but at $166 a pop, you better believe I maximized my time with it. Immediately during the rinsing process, you will notice your hair turn to silk. No joke. Silk. Hair adopts this slippery texture that is purely intentional.

The best part comes after the shower; hair is left incredibly hydrated with no weight. Detangling is a breeze after using this paraben-free formula and I completely skip my usual application of a leave-in conditioner. On days when I use this conditioner, I opt to dry my hair naturally. The product defines my light curls and takes away the nasty frizz I typically stress about. My hair is soft, bouncy, and slightly perfumed with notes of amber oil and worth it even if it leaves my bank account a little bit lighter.

Looking for more conditioning goodness? THIS formula is like whipped cream for your hair.

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