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MANESPIRATION: Rihanna’s Brushed Curls

Rhianna Brushed Curls

Lighting up her look with fiery flame red tresses, Rihanna is giving us ultimate hair envy with her latest curly ‘do. You didn’t expect a whole summer to go by without Rihanna dropping a new style on us, did you? Don’t act like you forgot!

Rhianna Brushed Curls

The “BBHMM” pop star is now donning long and brushed curls. This vacay hair is perfect for beach days and hang-outs by the pool. Rihanna, who is currently back home in Barbados for Crop Over, can enjoy all Caribbean festivities with ease. Wet hair? No problem! This curly hairstyle is water friendly and looks even better with frizzy volume.

Rhianna Brushed Curls

Rihanna’s big and beautiful curls are great for any occasion. Whether you want to go foxy and wear your brushed curls out or go sporty and rock a poofy ponytail, you really can’t go wrong. Trust in Riri. When it comes to hair goals, she calls the shots, shots, shots!

MANE TIP: Maintain your frizzy and curly looks with leave-in conditioner. An easy DIY leave-in recipe: spray bottle, 1 cup of water, a dollop of your fave conditioner, and a tablespoon of coconut oil (olive or tea tree oil works good too).

Would you rock big brushed curls like Rhianna? Let us know in the comments!

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