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PFW: Rick Owens x Duffy Windswept Hair and Human Backpacks

Ricj Owens Paris Fashion Week Hair by Duffy

Rick Owens SS16 show yesterday in Paris was quite the spectacle. With dancers acting as models, leather utility gladiator sandals treaded the open concrete runway. Though the biggest shock was the human suspended on each model in a variety of contortionist poses.

Elle Magazine reports that “Rick Owens declared his spring 2016 show a celebration of ‘love, humanity, sensibility, femininity, and womanhood.'” Though some interpreted it as “the burden of life” and “the burden of womanhood.” The idea is homage to artist Leigh Bowery’s “birthing” outfit, where he gave birth to his wife, Nicola on stage, who had been strapped to him for hours.

Rick Owens Human Backpacks Hair by Duffy

Hair stylist Duffy broke down exactly the type of woman Rick was portraying, including “a very classic, elegant woman who’s got a very polished chignon, a girl who’s a dandelion [hair that mimics the flower’s fuzz and requires—yay!—a crimping iron for texture], and what I’ll call a meth head. She’s the grunge aspect of the collection, with hair that’s more matted in texture and close to the face.”


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