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The Right Honeycomb Hair Color Based on Your Skin Tone

This sweet, golden hair color is 2022’s breakout shade.

Honeycomb hues are the natural-looking answer to your new year hair boredom. With warm caramel accents and casual-looking highlights, these sweet shades give off their own glow. But finding the perfect balance takes a little work. But we’re going to save you some time with a skintone-centric guide to winter’s warmest color.

Find the right shade of honeycomb for you, based on your skintone.

Light: Honeycomb Gradient

Ultra-blended shades work best with light skin. A natural root transitioning out to a true honeycomb shade right at the ends is stunning without being too bold.

Light-to-Medium: Caramel Comb

Go all in on the warmth if you’re working with light-to-medium skin. Nothing gets that glow like brunette roots and a full set of caramel honeycomb highlights.

Medium: Honey Blonde

Opt for something on the blonder side if your skin tone falls in the medium category. A lighter overall shade with warmer notes creates a winning combination for winter.


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Medium-to-Dark: Ashy Honeycomb

Dial the warmth down a notch with this gorgeous neutral shade. An ash-blonde base ideally compliments a gorgeous medium-to-dark skintone.

Dark: Honeycomb Highlights

Even just a touch of this trendy color adds a wonderful winter glow. Give a natural deep espresso hair color a little bit of dimension with a set of honeycomb babylights.


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