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Get Your Credit Cards Ready, Because Rihanna Might Be Launching Hair Products

Rihanna revolutionized the beauty industry when she released Fenty Beauty back in 2017. Arguably one of the most inclusive lines, Fenty Beauty cemented Rihanna as the ultimate business woman. But the mogul didn’t stop there. In the summer of 2020, she debuted Fenty Skin, ushering in a new culture of skincare. Now, Rihanna is expanding her line to include haircare products. That’s right, Fenty Hair is coming soon.

Back in March, Rihanna’s company Roraj Trade LLC filed trademark application documents for Fenty Hair, as reported by Refinery29. In the application, there’s a list of potential “goods and services” that may be provided by the brand, including shampoo, hairstyling preparations, hair glitter, and so much more. Early this year, we listed some beauty brands we’d love to see make hair products. Obviously, Fenty Beauty was on that list, so we can’t help as if we gave Rihanna a little nudge to start this process.

Given how recently Rihanna filed a trademark for Fenty Hair, we’re unsure of when we’ll actually see the products. We know the trademark application for Fenty Skin was filed in March 2019 and the brand was released in July 2020. So if Fenty Hair follows that same timeframe, we may see some haircare products by next summer.

While many fans were excited at the prospect of Rihanna haircare products, many were quick to express how she’ll release anything but new music.

As much as we would love Rihanna to release some new tunes, beggars can’t be choosers. We’re ready to stock up on Fenty Hair once we can finally get our hands on it!

Rihanna has had some memorable hair moments throughout her career, further justifying the release of Fenty Hair. HERE are our favorite hair moments from each year of the 2010s.

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