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This Quick Fix Is the Secret to Fuller Hair

So yesterday we mentioned our favorite trick for fuller looking hair in photographs.  Today we are adding on to that little secret with an alternative to eyeshadow.  Have you heard of root spray?  Probably not.  It’s not exactly the most common hair product- but it should be!  We love Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer for blending streaky highlights and for filling in the part.

rita hazan root concealer cover spray gray coverage gray hairs

(via Rita Hazan)

Simply find the shade closest to your root color (this comes in blonde, dark blonde, light brown, dark brown/black, and red).  Shake up the can, and then lightly spray from at least 6 inches away from roots.  While this may have been designed to camouflage grays, it works wonders for photo shoots and special event hair.  An on set and celebrity stylist staple, we want you to try it and let us know what you think!


2 minutes

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