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WHAT TO BUY: How to Rock a Headpiece Like Natasha Poly

natasha poly gatsby birthday headpiece


There’s no better way to show your social circle that you’re thirty, flirty and thriving than with a Gatsby themed soiree filled with hundreds of your closest friends, which is exactly how supermodel Natasha Poly chose to celebrate the big three-oh this last weekend in Amsterdam. The opulent event attracted some of the most notable names in fashion, but instead of donning precious gems on fingers, ears or décolletages, this glitterati favored accessories of the hair variety. 


natasha poly gatsby birthday headpiece


While typically associated with royalty and pageant queens, Poly and crew showed us exactly how to rock the runway-inspired trends of tiaras, as seen on the catwalks of Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, at our next event.



Go bold like Russian model Lena Perminova with this Rosantica Millefili Feather-Embellished Gold-Tone Headpiece, or opt for something more streamlined a la Poly herself and don Lelet’s Giselle Crystal Crown. Either way, you’re guaranteed to steal the spotlight. 


What do you think of the bedazzled hair accessory trend? Would you ever try a tiara? Let us know in the comments!

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