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Rodarte Goes to Hollywood With Jerry Hall-Inspired Curls For Fall 2019

It’s not everyday we get a Rodarte show here in Los Angeles, in fact it was the first, so we were giddy with excitement to attend a high fashion show in our neck of town. Kicking off fashion month in the most delightfully chic way, Rodarte gathered fashion’s brightest stars like Dakota Fanning, Diane Keaton, the sisters Haim and influencers aplenty at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena on a drizzly Tuesday afternoon for a show decked out with all things old Hollywood glamour.

Rodarte Fall 2019 Hair by Odile Gilbert Sultra Beauty

Hair legend Odile Gilbert led the backstage styling, using Sultra Beauty tools and styling products to create the flowing hair topped with Rodarte’s signature hair accouterments like fresh flowers, butterflies and headpieces. “Rodarte goes to Hollywood,” Odile tells us, “We wanted the look to be sophisticated…this look encapsulates the old Hollywood sophistication of full-bodied, textured waves with a nod to the ’70s, think Jerry Hall’s signature flowing hair paired with beautiful composure and elegance using delicate ornaments strung through.”

To create the look, Odile and team curled tiny sections with a 3/4 inch Sultra curling wand and then used Sultra’s new hairspray with power for volume. The key is to shake the hair, not tease, and flip the models’ heads upside down shaking thoroughly for volume.

No one intricately weaves in hair elements like Odile does, and for Rodarte’s newest installment she fastened bows, crowns, berets and callaliles into the models’ manes. “We chose callalilies because we love the shape, they’re like little hats that create shape and the different colors matched the dresses.” But the hair accessory that stole the spotlight? Rodarte barettes that we’re adding to cart the moment they go on sale.

The show was filled with high drama and glamour, thanks to sequin dresses, overwhelmingly large, brilliant hued gowns and exaggerated shoulders, Kate and Laura Mulleavy note, “this collection was inspired by musicals throughout the decades. Beginning with the Hollywood glam of the 1930s all the way through the chic 1970s.”


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How to: Rodarte’s Jerry Hall-Inspired Hair

Step 1: Apply Sultra Heat Guard Styling Treatment ($24; launching May 2019 at Sultra.com) to damp hair. The Styling Treatment primes hair for heat styling by protecting against heat damage, smoothing the cuticle (read: no frizz), and creates shine.
Step 2: Using the Sultra AirLight Dryer ($149; sultra.com), blow dry hair on low heat, finger combing along the way.
Step 3: Start from the bottom of the nape and work your way up, using the Sultra Bombshell 3/4” Clipless Curling Rod ($99; qvc.com)and wrap the hair away from the face all the way to the ends. Work in sections about 1/2” wide and continue your way up the top of the head.
Step 4: Break up the wave and brush to one side.
Step 5:  Spray a generous amount of Sultra Dry Texture Spray ($25; launching May 2019 at sultra.com) all over hair and brush again. This multi-purpose spray delivers instant pumped-up volume and “undone” texture to curls and waves. Voila! 


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