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HOW-TO: Rooney Mara’s Touch of Gold by Adir Abergel

Adir Abergel has served up some serious holiday hair goals on Rooney Mara this week. As the master of red carpet hair, Adir has given Rooney a variety of sleek and chic styles this year, but it’s the touch of gold in her last two hair styles that shines extra bright.

Just last night she wore a super sleek twisted topknot adorned with gold twine for The MoMa Annual Benefit. While it looks complicated, Adir assures us that creating the look is easier than it seems.

Rooney Mara Twisted Gold Topknot by Adir Abergel

“It’s super easy,” he says. “You just create a weird 1980’s high pony, then twist the ponytail so all the hair is twisted. Then turn it on it’s side and then take the twine and wrap it around on the edge. Just be sure to leave the ends out and pin it into place.”

To get the pony super sleek and smooth he suggests you “flat iron the hair super smooth first, then use the Bumble and bumble Thickening Crème Contour just on the top section of the hair, leaving the ponytail section product free. This gives the hair duality with the texture.”

Bumble and bumble

“It’s literally that simple, but the gold twine adds a chic, architectural finish to the look.”
On the inspiration for the look, he says “I wanted to keep it classic, but I didn’t want to do it low pony or classic updo. We wanted something that felt modern and chic, with great architectural lines. I’m lucky to have Rooney as a muse because she is always pushing me to think of new ways to do hair.”
Rooney Mara Folded Braid by Adir Abergel
Similarly, two night’s ago Rooney wore a “chic Folded Braid with gold twine to secure in place” at the New York premiere of Carol.

Again, this play on texture from sleek and pulled back to soft and billowy on the ends results in a stunning outcome.

To recreate the look Adir first created a deep side part. “My trick is to always start the part at the arch of the eyebrow” he says. He then prepped her hair the same as above, with a small amount of hair oil, flat ironing from roots to tips.

Once the hair was super smooth, he applied a small about of Bumble and bumble Thickening Crème Contour to only the hair that would be slicked back, being sure to leave the length of the pony product free. With a low pony secured, he then created a loose braid, securing the ends with an elastic, then wrapping the same elastic in gold twine. He then folded the braid against the base of the pony, using bobby pins to manipulate the braid to his taste.

Rooney Mara Folded Braid by Adir Abergel

“The touch of gold twine makes the super simple style chic without being glitzy,” he says. “This is a twine that is used a lot in clothing in caftans,” Adir says. “It’s real gold that I got on my last trip to Morocco about month ago.”


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