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Fake Fuller Hair With These 7 Root Concealers

Root concealers are one of those things that gets a bad rap because most people associate them with grey, grown-out, or thinning hair. But in reality, root concealers are an amazing way to fake fuller hair. You read that right, fuller hair. Even Kim Kardashian’s stylist uses it when it comes to scalp-revealing hairstyles like cornrow braids. So what are you waiting for? Below, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite root concealers.

Color Wow Root Cover Up: $34.50

Color Wow’s Root Cover Up is a matte powder (much like eyeshadow) and it comes with a small brush for an easy and specific application. All you have to do is apply the product straight to the part of your hair or any other areas where your scalp is exposed and it will make your hair look much fuller, especially in photos. And even though it seems like a small amount, it’s surprisingly opaque, so a little goes a long way.

Madison Reet Root Touch Up: $32

This option from Madison Reed is similar to Color Wow’s in that it’s a compact-like powder, but this one is also scented which means added freshness. Plus, the shade variety is unique and may offer a better fit for you and your color.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray Temporary Gray Coverage: $12

Rita Hazan’s OG cover-up product is more like a dry shampoo. It comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle and offers more robust coverage that is build-able like a foundation for better color matching. It’s also waterproof and transfer-proof, which is essential for hot weather or expensive clothes.

Everpro Gray Away Instant Root Cover Up: $9.99

Everpro Gray Away is another spray application root touch-up similar to Rita Hazan’s. It comes in three easy-to-use shades and lasts all day. Bonus? It is under $10. We especially like how it doesn’t make the hair sticky or crunchy, but still adds a much-needed lift.

Bumble and Bumble Color Sticks: $26

Bumble and Bumble’s version is a twist-up stick that goes on dry, smooth, and with a matte finish and doesn’t transfer. It’s definitely great for the traveler because it isn’t a spray or aerosol.

Me Cosmetics Scalp Foundation: $60

We’ve tried this particular scalp foundation and fell in love instantly. There are a variety of shades to fit every hair color, including those with gray strands. And it just looks so natural, you can’t tell you’re using a foundation to cover up sparse areas on your scalp.

Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray: $24.99

Celebrity hairstylists and beauty influencers alike all swear by the Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray. It’s that good. From covering grays to faking fullness, this spray does it all. With its revolutionary color-matching technology, you don’t have to worry about it not blending with your hair color.

Looking to touch up your roots? Try THESE root touch-up sprays!

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