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HOW-TO: The Rope Twist Chignon

rope twist chignon

With summer heat upon us, we’re itching for chic ways to wear our hair up, so we’ve enlisted celebrity hairstylist Kylee Heath to walk us through fast, simple, and ultra stylish styles for summer. The twisted rope chignon is a fresh take on the braid and a fun way to vamp up your tired bun.

long caramel wavy highlightsBEFORE

Start on dry hair that has been previously styled from the day before.


zig zag partSTEP 1

Use a rat tail comb to split hair down the center creating a deep zig zag part to hide any partings.


rope twistsSTEP 2

Split each half of your hair into two sections, then twist each section in the same direction.


rope twists, rope braidsSTEP 3

Twist your two twisted strands together to create a rope twist braid on each side, then secure with an elastic.


rope twist braidSTEP 4

Use your fingers to pinch and pull on either side of the twist to create variation and texture.


rope twist chignon


Pull the strand on your left side towards your right, securing with bobby pins.


rope twist chignonSTEP 6

Repeat step 5 on the opposite side, looping the hair to your taste and securing with more bobby pins.


rope twist chignon


Tease the ends of each twist and tuck inside to secure.


rope twist chignon



Think you’ll try the rope twist chignon? Post a pic on Instagram and tag @ManeAddicts!

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Hair: Kylee Heath @kyleeheathhair

Makeup: Ashley Cordova @ashleybeverly

Model: Leila Thomas @leideee

Producer: Andrea Berk @ahhhndrea

Retoucher: Samantha Levi @samstownusa

2 minutes

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