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Dreamy Rose Brown Hair Color–7 Ways to Try Out the Trend

Just a month in, and 2022 is already giving us hair color inspo for days.

The latest color to sweep our social media feeds: rose brunette. The gorgeous foil to rose gold, this blush-tinted brunette shade is full of vibrant dimension. From all over tints to deep pink balayage takes on the trend, rose brown hues are having a moment.

We’re breaking down this hair color trend here. These seven rose brown hair colors are to die for.

1. Classic Rose Brown

Rose brown, in all its glory. With bits of multi-dimensional magentas, these pink-tinged tresses are ideal for taking a dark shade to the next level.

2. Rose Brown Balayage

Not ready to commit to the all-over aesthetic? A little bit of blended balayage is an excellent way to take on this trend.


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3. Darker Tones

Add a flirty flair to an espresso brown base with a deep pink gradient. With passionate purple-tinted tones, this is rose brown is white hot.


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4. Pink Palette

This ones for those who *really* want to commit. A bright pink palette adds a pop to all over chocolate tresses.


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5. Multi-Dimensional Rose

Highlights on highlights. Expertly placed shades of rose can really warm up your brunette mane.


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6. Barely-There Blush

An ever so slight blush tint is totally chic. Rose brunette can definitely do subtle.

7. Rose Ends

Keep the roots nice and dark for this bronde aesthetic. What’s better than rose pink ends?

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