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People Swear by This Natural Alternative to Minoxidil for Hair Growth

Going bald has got to be America’s collective fear. One look at your local drugstore will confirm that suspicion. There are potions, shampoos, creams, and serums that set out to prevent hair loss. Nevertheless, one remedy has been used for decades—minoxidil. The drug is commonly known as Rogaine. Recently, a natural minoxidil alternative has been lighting up internet forums and beauty blogs. Read on to find out why rosemary oil is a miracle alternative to minoxidil below!

Minoxidil vs Rosemary Oil

It’s no surprise people want to turn to more natural alternatives when trying to cure hair loss. Although clinically proven, minoxidil does come with a host of scary side effects. The most common included feeling dizzy, drowsy, and tired. The most extreme include temporary swelling while taking this medication. This is the result of your body adjusting to the lower blood pressure environment the drug creates.

On the other hand, rosemary oil has been proven to help treat hair loss without any of the aforementioned conditions. In one study, two groups were given either 2% minoxidil solution or rosemary oil. At the six-month mark, both groups showed similar growth patterns. The study also showed that scalp itchiness was more present in the minoxidil group.

Taking advantage of nature’s hair-growth bounty is easy. This natural oil can be applied by adding a drop to your shampoo. If you don’t mind a tingly sensation, you can also apply rosemary oil directly to the scalp to promote hair growth.

Not only is rosemary oil helpful for hair loss, but so is rosemary water. Discover its long list of benefits and how to use it HERE!

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