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Wear This Sweet Rosette Bun to Mother’s Day Brunch

Need a little hair inspo for Mother’s Day brunch? If you mom is anything like ours, chances are she likes you looking soft and sweet. So instead of our usual rotation of grungy, lived-in locks, we’re gifting our moms with an adorable rosette hair ‘do that’s sure to put a smile on her face. Our friends over at Cute Girls Hairstyles created this adorable rosette hair bun that is super boho and whimsy, and you can create it in less than five minutes! Watch the video below, and read on for a full step-by-step tutorial.



  1. Add curls to your hair for texture and softness.

  2. Pick up two pieces of hair from the front of the head.  Then pick up two pieces and then two more just below them.  Pull back the secondary pieces and secure with a small elastic at the base of the neck

    Pull Back two pieces of hair cute girl hairstyles rosette bunRosette Bun secure with elastic

  3. Pull back the first two pieces of hair you picked up and tuck down the inside of your tieback.

  4. Pick up your tieback and begin a regular three strand braid all the way down.

    Rosette Bun Braid

  5. Go back and pancake the outside edge of one side of your braid.

    Pancake braid on one side rosette bun

  6. Begin rolling up your braid from the bottom.  Start rolling the opposite direction from the side you pancaked.

    Roll braid opposite side of pancake braid rosette bun

  7. Roll up until your flower sits right over your tieback elastic.

  8. Use bobby pins to secure your flower in place.

    Bobby pin rosette bun in place

  9. Finish with hairspray if you want!

Would you wear this rosette bun to Mother’s Day brunch? Let us know!

2 minutes

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