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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley : Chic Chignon How To

The ever glamorous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stole the spotlight during the PFW parties with her sleek and sophisticated hair styles.  We talked to her stylist, Jen Atkin, about recreating the low chignon she wore to the Carine Roitfeld Party.

“With Rosie, we decided to make her hair sleek and chic with a playful knotted chignon.

I had Rosie prep her hair by washing with Cleanse and Nourish by CLEAR Scalp & Hair shampoo and conditioner.  I then blow dryed with a Mason Pearson Brush and my Harry Josh Pro Tools blowdryer.

I achieved the style by applying Moroccan Oil in sections and combing back with a fine tooth comb.”

Style tip:  When wanting a polished finish, continually smoothing with the comb is key. 

  1. Start with a center part, then continue combing hair to the center back of the head and tie into place with a Sephora No-Snag Elastic.  
  2. Then, apply Moroccan Oil to the ponytail as this ensures shine and reduces any unruly fly-aways.  
  3. Split the pony into 3 sections, twist, and use french hair pins to secure as desired.  

And just like that, you’ve got chic a supermodel ‘do!

2 minutes

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