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Ruby Rose’s Hairstylist Talks Short Hair for the New Year

Short Hair by Castillo

Thinking of embracing a short haircut for the new year but afraid of what that might mean for styling? Take a cue from Ruby Rose and listen to her hairstylist Castillo, who has a few wise words about how to embrace a short cut with confidence!

Short hair on a girl can add some serious edge and take their personal style to the next level.  

Diffusing Short Hair by Castillo

When it comes to styling short hair it’s really simple. You can blow dry it with a round brush to create some smooth volume or you can diffuse the hair to create some really amazing organic texture.

When diffusing the hair I like to make sure to add  products before I begin the blow dry. 

Joico Products for Short Hair by Castillo

I recommend using a combination of Joico Heat Set Cream and Hair Shake. Even if your hair has never had a natural curl in its life, a curl activator and a diffuser will help create natural waves. Make sure to end with a cool shot on the blowdryer to hold in the style. After hair is dry, I like to use Joico Matte Grip for texture and Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finish Spray for hold.

Short Hair by Castillo

Short hair on anyone opens the face and brings out a person’s features, but when it comes to finding the right length for your short hair, I like keep it simple:

  • Round faces should keep it tight on the side with length in the top.
  • Heart shaped faces should do a more pixie cut. This will add some great dimension and will frame the face beautifully.
  • Long oval shaped faces work best with longer hair on the top with ends that hit the cheeks. 
  • Squared faces work great with a short cut that incorporates some loose wispy bang like pieces.”


Hair: Castillo @castillo_13

Makeup and Model: Katie Connolly @sistersleepwrecker

Photo and Video: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

Styled by: Adam Drawas @adamdrawasiscrucial

2 minutes

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