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Guido Revives The Punk Era at Sacai this Season

Crazy Men's Hair from Sacai by Guido Palau

No matter what the collection, it’s safe to say that Redken Global Creative Director, Guido Palau, has a boyish, punk influence to his work; and this year’s Sacai FW 2017 show allowed him to express that to an extreme. 

“I was inspired by both urban punk and Johnny Rotten at Sacai this season,” he explains. “We used a heavy amount of Redken Wind Blown 05 to give the hair a really dry, rough texture and added a thin elastic headband to open up the face and make the hair appear shorter and tufty. The women in the show received a similar treatment, with the elastic added around the neck for control and to give a modern confrontational resolution.”



  1. Start with dry hair.
  2. Use a heavy amount for Redken Wind Blown 05 to give a lot of texture with hold in order to easily shape the hair.
  3. Take a hairband elastic and pull the hair back from the temples for a smooth look at the front.
  4. As needed, pull out small pieces of hair around the ears for additional texture.
  5. Using fingertips, create piecey texture at the back of the head for a punk vibe.
  6. Set the look with Redken Triple Take 32 Spray Extreme High Hold Hairspray‎.

What do you think of the wild mane at Sacai? Sound off in the comments below!

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