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Sagittarius Hair Guide: The Best Cuts, Colors, & More for the Zodiac Sign

Did you notice a boost in optimism recently? Feeling a little bit more adventurous lately? Want to dive into a new philosophy and completely reinvent yourself? Blame it on Sagittarius season. We love our Sag placements (some more than others), so we wanted to do something a little special for the archer. With our knowledge of hair, we put together this handy-dandy guide on the best haircuts, hair colors, hairstyles, and more for every Sagittarius out there. So treat yourself to a makeover during your time in the spotlight, Sag. You deserve it!

Best Haircuts for a Sagittarius

The right haircut is really a game-changer, especially for you. There are a number of hairstyles to choose from, though the ones we suggest will really work best for your low-maintenance lifestyle.

Long Hair

We know this isn’t super specific, but long hair really tends to suit you best. It’s easier to manage and can be tossed up in a ponytail, which usually ends up happening anyway.

Textured Lob

For those who want to go a bit shorter, we suggest sticking with lob length. Trust us, you don’t want to go any shorter. Stick with a textured lob to add body and movement to fine and thin strands.

Ghost Layers

One-length haircuts are a bit easier to manage for you, Sag, though we do love some ghost layers. They’re very subtle layers that create movement and texture within longer hairstyles, though they appear to be one length.

Modern Shag

The shag does require a bit more maintenance than you may desire, though it’s meant to be a bit messy. You can keep it undone and you’re all set. A modern shag is a more subtle take on the shag haircut that would likely work better for you.

Best Hair Colors for a Sagittarius

You tend to be fairly low-maintenance with your hair, though you aren’t afraid to be bold. You’ll try anything once, though you need something that lasts. We rounded up a few colors that will work really nicely for your free-spirited vibes.


Given your fiery nature, a nice red hue will always suit you. We suggest going with auburn, as it’s a little bit easier to keep up with than a more radiant red.

Beachy Blonde

With how optimistic you are, a blonde just makes sense. Beachy blonde is a more lived-in take on the color. You’ll look like you had some fun in the sun, even in the winter months with this shade.

Dip-Dyed Ends

When you want to experiment with color, try out dip-dyed ends. Dyeing your whole head a neon green or pastel purple isn’t the way to go. Chances are you’ll be over it pretty quickly and won’t have the patience to keep up with it. That’s why dip-dyed ends are great. Once you’re bored, you can cut them off and start fresh.

Amethyst Brown

Purple is your color, Sag. There is no denying that. And while we want to recommend a powerful purple shade, we think going with a more modest amethyst brown will be better for your lifestyle. Offering a subtle hint of purple in brunette hair, this shade screams Sagittarius.

Best Hairstyles for a Sagittarius

Your constant need for adventure takes you all over the globe, Sagittarius. Because of that, your hair is often up and out of your face or in a low-maintenance style. Below are a few of our faves that really work well for you.

High Ponytail

The classic high ponytail is the pinnacle of Sagittarius hairstyles. When is your hair ever not in a ponytail?

Low Ponytail

For days when you want to go a little extra glam, we suggest opting for a low ponytail. Your hair will still be out of your face, though this style offers some elegance for date nights or evenings out on the town.

Tousled Waves

You tend to not spend too much time on your hairstyles, because it will generally end up in a ponytail anyway. Or, it will come undone faster than it took to put it together. We love a good tousled wave when your hair is down because it’s chic and also messy.

Messy Bun

When your hair isn’t in a ponytail, it’s probably in a messy bun. We support it.

Best Hair Accessories for a Sagittarius

Rounding out our Sagittarius hair guide, we can’t forget to leave you with some hair accessory recommendations.


The more, the merrier. You may think you have enough already, Sag, but you don’t. We know how often you misplace them so be sure to stock up on more for your ponytail hairstyles. This 60-pack of scrunchies from Amazon will definitely hold you over.

60-pack scrunchies | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are a perfect accessory for you because they protect your scalp and face from the sun. You may apply sunscreen to your face, but we bet you forget to spritz it on your scalp. That’s where a baseball cap comes in handy. We’re pretty positive you’ll love this Parks Project Shrooms Baseball Hat from Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters Parks Project Shrooms Baseball Hat | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: UrbanOutfitters.com)

Hair Perfume

This isn’t exactly an accessory, but who cares? Hair perfume is great for you for two reasons. One, it helps refresh your strands in between wash days. Two, it can transport you to a tropical paradise or bustling city during times when you’re stuck at work and aren’t able to travel. Our personal favorite? The Hair and Body Fragrance Mist from Moroccanoil.

Moroccanoil Hair and Body Fragrance Mist | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Moroccanoil.com)

Travel-Friendly Hair Brush

We’re going to take a page out of your book right now and be blunt—you need to brush your hair. We know you’re always out and about so it’s easy to forget, but it has to be done. Toss a travel-friendly hair brush (like this eco-friendly option from Kitsch) into your bag so you can comb through your tresses no matter where you’re jet-setting off to next.

Kitsch Pro Eco Friendly Mini Travel Brush | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Ulta.com)

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