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How Hairstylists Make Money in a Discount-Heavy Workplace, According to a Top Celebrity Stylist

Unlike the job of teacher, journalist or retail sales clerk, for example, a hair salon employee’s rate or salary isn’t cut and dry.

Most of the time, your hairstylist has to pay for their own materials, and even their chair in some cases. But on top of all that, the real shocker is that many offer “friends and family” rates at a flowing pace. Whether it’s to give a new client a first-time discount, or the client has been a longtime loyalist, personal friend, or celebrity or member of the media, it seems the hair industry is heavily discount-based.

girl pays cashier at hair salon
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So, just how does your hairstylist make the money it loses in freebies? It’s plain and simple.

“The hair products you see at salons are one of the main streams of revenue for hairstylists,” salon veteran Sally Hershberger tells Mane Addicts. “Along with being able to offer their talent, stylists are able to provide clients with the best in haircare. Many stylists get a commission from the products sold, allowing them to make more money.”

It’s important to note that the product purchase isn’t just about walking out of the salon with something new for the shower—you’re essentially buying professional information as well.

“Hair products also allow stylists to educate their clients on the best treatments and aftercare for when they leave the salon, making it beneficial for both parties,” Hershberger explains. “All Sally Hershberger salons carry Sally Hershberger 24K, as I always make sure to provide my clients with the best in hair care.”

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Speaking of celebrity hairstylists, HERE‘s the advice many of them provide on how to maintain your hair amid quarantine.

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