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5 Salons That Offer Natural Hair Texture Education as a Part of Their Program

We’ll just be frank, many people of color still find it difficult to find stylists that are well-versed in textured hair. Textured or naturally very curly hair is unique in body and requires extra time, love, and attention. Fortunately, there are salons that offer education on natural hair textures and we’re here to give you all the deets on them. Whether you’re a stylist looking to further your hair knowledge or looking for a place that feels right for your mane, scroll through below for salons that offer and specialize in natural hair texture education below.

Mahogany Hair Revolution

Mahogany Hair Revolution in Beverly Hills, California boasts a phenomenal master stylist certification program for those who want to learn advanced braiding, twisting, and loc techniques. Its hands-on training will allow stylists to advance their skills and offer more services. It’s owned and operated by the fabulous Dr. Kari.

Form Salon

Form Salon’s program is filled with a diverse roster of educators who are incredibly passionate about their craft. The Dallas, Texas-based salon also has stylists who understand curl patterns on a deep level. This is majorly important when it comes to understanding textured locks.

Ambushed Salon

That brings us to another excellent option, Ambushed Salon in Columbus, Ohio. This salon exclusively caters to curls and is dedicated to promoting the natural health and beauty of coiled strands. They offer an exceptional program called Ambushed Curly Academy for stylists to truly master the art of textured hair.

Evan Joseph Salon

Stylist and salon owner Evan Joseph prides himself on being a complete curly hair guru. His salon’s training program has an array of classes that include cutting, styling, and coloring for natural coils. You can’t find their level of expertise at many other salons.

Beauty Lounge

Beauty Lounge’s program in Minneapolis stands out due to the addition of education on children’s hair. We applaud this due to the fact that these formative years are key in learning to care for and work with your natural texture.

Adding a natural texture education program can definitely give your salon an edge, but what else sets you up for success? Find out HERE.

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