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MANESPIRATION: Paris Couture Week – Sam McKnight for Chanel 

Chanel Haute Couture Sam McKnight

A haute couture collection is, in itself, designed to be exceptionally unique and impossibly exquisite, but when we’re talking about Chanel Haute Couture in Paris, the opulence extends far beyond the clothing. 

Chanel Haute Couture Sam McKnight

Being no exception, Karl Lagerfeld’s HC16 show this week in the French fashion capital was a dreamy spectacle of eco-inspired modern architecture and technical high-fashion perfection. Every detail, right down to the croissant-shaped chignon buns, was carefully crafted to tell a story of sophisticated mindfulness. 

Chanel Haute Couture Sam McKnight

And the Mane Master behind the concept for the geisha-esque buns? None other than Sam McKnight. “The inspiration was a Picasso sculpture which Karl showed me, with shaped hair in the back,” McKnight explains. “My team spent three days making 80 large croissant shapes from wired foam covered in human hair, to match the hair colour of each model. We then spent two days at Chanel before the show, fitting the pieces on each of the 65 models,” McKnight says.

Chanel Haute Couture Sam McKnight

Talk about commitment to a vision. I wonder if we’ll see any Chanel-inspired buns this Awards season.

Chanel Haute Couture Sam McKnight

Do Chanel croissants suit your palate? Sound off in the comments!

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