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SAN FRANCISCO: diPietro Todd Salon

diPietro Todd salon is San Francisco’s high end salon where education is at the forefront. Stylists must endure a 3 year apprenticeship before working on the floor as well as hours of ongoing education. If you are looking for a stylist capable, detail oriented, and meticulous in their work, this is the salon for you.

diPietro Todd was founded in 1988 by husband and wife team Andrew and Kim Todd in downtown San Francisco. Kim’s keen business sense and Andrew’s creative passion have made for the perfect partnership, and today they co-own 5 locations throughout the Bay Area. At the core of the business are the salons where clients receive the highest quality cuts, color and styling and the utmost customer service. The company has grown to about 150 employees and houses some of the top educators and platform artists in the country. diPietro Todd boasts two educational programs, “Development” which is an extensive in-house apprenticeship for future stylists and colorists of diPietro Todd and the other is “Academy” which is a series of one day seminars designed for hairdresser’s from outside salons. The in-house creative department produces and creates all of it’s own content and oversees various events, photo shoots and video production. diPietro Todd Salons + Academy originated on the cutting edge of the beauty salon industry and remains at the forefront today.

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