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Sascha Breuer + Mane Addicts

There are certain moments in life when the stars align and everything that is perfect in the world just so happens to fall into place. So on a night at a where you randomly run into Mane Master Sascha Breuer and he agrees to do your hair on the fly, you RUN (not walk) to your car, grab your styling kit, and try not to smile so hard that it hurts your face!

To see the full Hyperlapse video click HERE.

To get the undone fishtail braid that Sascha gave our Style Director Desirae Cherie, follow the steps below!

1. Start out by backcombing and spraying hair with Dry Shampoo to boost volume.

2. Smooth out hair and pull around to the side.

3. Secure in a loose ponytail with a hair elastic at the base of the ponytail. Only loop once as the point of this will be saved for later.

4. Begin your fishtail braid by separating hair into two sections and then weave a small section from the outer edge of one side to the other, and repeat until you reach the end.

5. When you finish the braid [this is our favorite part!] pull the loose rubber band from the base of your braid to the end and secure tightly.

6. To achieve the lived in loose look you want to massage and gently pull at the edges of the braid.

7. Secure any stray hairs with bobby pins and Hairspray.


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Music by: DJ Goldfish Strangler

Video and editing: Andrea Berk

Location: Siren Studios

2 minutes

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