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Shop Sascha Breuer’s Top Hair Products

Session stylist Sascha Breuer knows a thing or two about product. As a versatile stylist for both editorial and red carpet, we couldn’t help but wonder what he keeps in his arsenal. Fortunately, he was willing to share with Mane Addicts the top 4 hair products he always has on hand…

“Most of my favorite products are those that you don’t particularly see in the hair, yet are still very effective. I personally love hair when it looks like hair. I gravitate toward creating feminine and touchable looks.”


I use this as a base for almost every blowdry. Spritz on the roots before blowdrying to archive the perfect texture and hold for almost any style.

Pro Tip:  This can also be used as a freshen-up spray on dry hair (so you can skip washing it!)


Hairspray is the most versatile product on the planet and I could not even think about doing my job without it.  It’s absolutely essential and I love it! Elnett is the perfect hairspray, there’s a reason every hairdresser uses it.


Dry shampoo had a revamp 4-5 years ago and now every company is making a version of it. I still think that one of the best is the classic Batiste dry shampoo that I’ve always used. I feel like it’s the lightest version out there. It does just what you want; soaks up excess oil and creates light airy texture in the hair. Everything else you can do with other products.


Great to add a cool touch to a shorter style or to create a beachy texture that’s really separated. It gives great hold, but it doesn’t look like there’s any product in the hair.


 Have you tried any of these products? Let us know what you think of them in the comments!

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