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Backstage With Savage x Fenty’s Deliciously Diverse Beauty

(Image via by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty )

Freedom of expression ruled at the Savage x Fenty Spring/Summer 2019 runway. With one of the most diverse casts we’ve seen on the catwalk, Ms. Fenty made sure each girl’s look was curated to bring out her own beauty. There wasn’t just one style that everyone had to co-opt, instead everything from face shape to natural texture was taken into account when selecting the style for each model. Waves, cornrows, weaves, pixies and blowouts all had a place during the inclusive show. Body positivity and hair positivity worked in tandem to embody the idea of “savage.”

“When you hear the word savage, it’s pretty self-explanatory,” Riri explained. “It’s a confident word. It’s a word that is fearless, and I feel like the women here tonight represented that word, savage, and I feel every woman has a savage inside of them, whether they found it or not. It’s there,” the OG baddie continued.

“Everybody has their own individual reality,” elaborated Key Hair Yusef. Overall, it was more about a sentiment than one look. “It’s very whimsical and also sensual,” continued Yusef. As the cast was divided into model’s and dancers, dancers were given more whimsy while models were sleek and sexy. Glitter was used to give all the looks a little bit of magic.

One of the standouts of the show, however, was definitely the vertical finger waves, which were created using a cocktail of Oribe crème, oil and gel (though any brand will work). The stylist got the look using the end of two tail combs, but you can also use your finger if you want to, literally, be hands on. Slices were then carved out around the entire head, with each section individually waved. For a show like Savage x Fenty, creative license is key. Tentacles and baby hairs were layed over a model’s forehead, for a really one of a kind style that completes the look, that is, after the gel has dried.

Anyone who was in need of some extra volume, received a blowout using Jen’s own Supersonic Dyson: $449.99 and a spritz of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: $22, which didn’t leave backstage sylist and Oribe educator, Kien Hoang’s right hand. “I love it because it’s power in an instant, it’s immediate,” he said of the hero product, which was perfect for such an empowering show.

Long + Texture

(Image via by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty )

Finger Waves

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savage x fenty

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