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Say Boy Bye To Basic Bridal Hair

Bella Hadid Bridal Hair Mane Addicts

There’s something about the word ‘bridal’ that pressures women and their stylists into a certain (basic) category of hair and makeup. For some reason, instead of embracing what makes us beautiful, we can’t help but try and fit into the same styles that get recycled over and over in bridal (think flower crows, long, structured curls, and complicated updos). Here’s to breaking that mold, being yourself, and taking a risk.

Bridal Hair Curls


Say goodbye forever to cheesy spiral curls and choose more waves, volume with texture and oomph. A center part will keep it formal.

Bridal Hair Pony Boho


If you want to show off your dress’s neckline, or you want you hair back for any reason, try a ponytail instead of a stiff up-do and pull out a few face-framing pieces. It may seem like too casual of a look, but it’ll look super elegant with a formal wedding dress and you’ll feel like yourself. Also, it’s an easy style to add extensions into without looking ‘fake’.

Bridal, Accessories, hair


The right hair accessory can add instant sophistication to a simple, modern bridal look. Skip the sparkles, and try something with a bold shape. When used properly, it can add as much as a great contour. 

Bridal hair natural texture


There’s really no reason NOT to embrace your natural hair/texture. Trust us, it’ll turn heads all the same and you’ll never ever regret it.

Bridal Hair Fun Bella Hadid


On your wedding day, everything is up to you. Don’t forget that. If you’re bold, and fun IRL, don’t go blah with your wedding hair just because you feel obligated to be ‘traditional’. 

Married recently? Have advice for an adventurous bride-to-be? Comment below!


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