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MANE AMBITION: Sazan Hendrix Shows How Versatile Curly Hair Can Be

Sazan Hendrix Curly Med Length Hair

While definitely a ‘Blogger Whose Hair We Love,’ Sazan Hendrix is so much more. With a lifestyle blog that began in 2011, Sazan has evolved to nourish an Instagram following of over 574K and a YouTube site with thousands of followers that boasts killer beauty tutorials- including breakdowns of some of our fav celebrity looks and curly hairstyles we die for. She’s even partnered with Kérastase breaking down her curly hair routine using the Discipline Curl Collection that we’re already swooning over. So naturally, we had a few q’s for the versatile curly haired queen…

Sazan Hendrix Curly Med Length Hair

2016 already looks like such an eventful year for you! What exciting projects are you working on at the moment? 

I can’t tell you that!!! Just kidding- We have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline especially in the travel department 🙂

#sazantravels may be our fav travel hashtag! What’s your trick to having a good hair day every day in between jet setting? 

I wear wigs! KIDDING! I travel a lot so the best way to style in style is with dry shampoo and lots of bobbi pins. You never know when you’ll need to throw your hair up in a bun so make it sleek and grease-free! 

Your YouTube channel is one of our favorite beauty resources! Tell us about starting it and when did you see that it really started taking off? 

I launched my channel around a year and a half ago after my blog readers kept begging me to do more fun little videos. It’s truly been the best experience getting to connect with my online family on a deeper level. I started taking off when I was consistent (prob 6 months into it!).

You cut your hair short last year. What made you take the leap? Was it hard to adjust to the shorter length?

I honestly needed a change! I felt like everything I was doing somehow circulated around my long hair, and I wanted to spice it up! At first it was hard, because I had to embrace my curls even more than I already did. Now it’s growing out and I am tempted to cut it again.

What is your daily hair routine? 

I think the key is to always have some sort of product in my hair – I like to use Kérastase Discipline Mousse Curl Idéal on my curly days or a heat protector on my straight haired days. I have to have something to give it LIFE!!

Go-to hairstyle? 

Topknot! You can do this every day, whether it’s a half-up topknot or all the way. You can wear it on a date or to the gym- it’s literally perfect for any occasion. 

You wear your hair in an array of styles from big and bouncy to pin straight, where do you get your hairspo? 

My mood for that specific day really drives my overall style. I think the older I’m getting the more I care less about it being “perfect”. It’s all about the effortless, ‘I Woke up Like This’ look. 

Who is your favorite person to follow for #manespiration? 

#Manespiration.. that’s so cute I want to steal it! ha I’m loving Gigi Hadid’s sleek model hair looks right now, but to be honest my manespiration is ever-changing.  

Sazan Hendrix Curly Med Length Hair

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