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Texas may be home to “Big hair, don’t care,” but Lone Star lady Sazan Hendrix is breaking the mold.

Sazan Henrix Straight Hair

Now a Los Angeles local, Hendrix is a fashion blogger, stylist and television host with over 472k Instagram fans. While she made her name cultivating killer street style, it’s her marvelous mane that’s giving us serious hair envy.

Sazan Henrix Curly Hair

Whether sleek or au natural, this Dallas native sure knows a thing or two about shaping her chocolate brown locks into salon-ready styles. Better yet? She’s here to share her hair how-tos with all her readers.

Sazan Henrix Curly Hair

Catch her YouTube channel for tips on how to wear #curlyhairdontcare or get sleek strands without breaking your ends. She’s also never one to shy away from recreating celeb styles.

Sazan Henrix Curly Hair

She recently posted a video showing how to get Kim Kardashian’s sleek style and even recreated pop idol Selena’s iconic look from the 90s.

Sazan Hendrix

Whether she’s owning her own look or testing out styles straight off the runway, we’re keeping our eye on Hendrix for all her mane moments to come.


Be sure to follow @sazanhendrix for more #manespiration.

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