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This Is How Long It Should Take for You to See Scalp Care Results—and What to Look Out For

Ah, scalp care, the buzziest hair practice of 2021. We’re not sure what finally dawned on the world, but our hair grows from the roots, not the ends, so naturally, we should always tend to this part of our strands. That said, because the added step in our haircare routine is still super new to some, not everyone knows the results of scalp care to expect, or when to expect them.

Rest assured, we reached out to Dr. Simmy Kaur, resident GP/MD at MONPURE. MONPURE is a luxury haircare brand based in London that was one of the first to go full-throttle with a scalp care collection. We’ve been using their products for a few months and have seen noticeable results, including dissipation of dandruff. Keep reading for everything Kaur has to say about the results of scalp care, and when you should start noticing them.

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The Universal Importance of Scalp Care for Everyone

Scalp care should be considered in terms of skincare—we all need it!

“The whole purpose of scalp care is to treat the skin on the head exactly as you would the skin on the face,” Kaur tells Mane Addicts. “If we spend time with and nurture the skin on our faces we see positive change. In the same way, having a good scalp care regime will help your hair to grow and flourish. For those people with scalp issues such as dry or greasy scalp, the benefits may be even more apparent.”

When to Expect Results  

As with anything, it’s important to note that timing on scalp care results will differ from person to person and depend on what products you use.

That said, “Generally speaking, you would see an almost instant soothing effect with an irritated scalp, if you use a scalp mask or hydrating serum,” Kaur explains. “If the aim is to stimulate hair follicles or prevent hair loss, the time it takes to see results will be longer. Typically, most people can see some improvement by 4-6 weeks. As with skincare, if you persevere, it’s likely that you’ll see a significant improvement by three months.”

Results Expected for Problematic Hair

Kaur points out that any time you upgrade your hair routine (quality of products, healthier practices, etc…), you should always expect results. But there are specific benefits scalp care will bring to especially troubled strands.

“For those with particular hair problems such as dry scalp, itchy scalp, greasy scalp, dandruff, recurrent fungal infections and scalp psoriasis, good scalp care can work wonders!” Kaur says.

How to Benefit From MONPURE Products in Particular

Because MONPURE has a product for essentially every scalp concern and hair type, Kaur broke down just how to get maximized use from each.

“For a particularly greasy scalp or for help with getting rid of flaky skin and alleviating symptoms of dandruff and even psoriasis, MONPURE’s Clarifying Scalp Scrub is a noteworthy, much-loved classic,” Kaur suggests. “In the same way that exfoliating the skin on the face and body can be really beneficial, the same principle can be applied to the scalp skin.” 

If you need a little extra hydration or have an irritated or uncomfortable scalp, a scalp mask with a little massage can be of huge benefit. “MONPURE’s Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask is great for this,” Kaur says. 

In addition to this, “Using regular treatment serums can also be of great benefit,” Kaur explains. “MONPURE’s Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum is famed for its healing properties. It can calm irritation, it promotes skin cell renewal and is especially good for sensitive skin. It contains pro vitamin B5, which is great if your scalp is dry and flaky. It works like a sponge, rapidly absorbing moisture and locking it in. It also contains witch hazel, which is a natural toner and anti-inflammatory.”

Lastly, Kaur explains why MONPURE’s Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum may be up your alley.

“It can help ‘feed’ the hair follicles with the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need to flourish and grow to their optimum,” Kaur says. “It contains ingredients such as pumpkin seed extract which can help to prevent hair loss, and AHAs and retinol, which help exfoliate and resurface the scalp skin to help speed up cell rejuvenation. These ingredients have been used for a long time in conventional beauty products for the face, so it’s really great that we can now use these ingredients in formulations especially designed for the scalp.”

And as a final recap on the results of scalp care, Kaur insists: “Remember to use a hair mask when required for that extra boost; exfoliate at least once a week; cleanse, condition and finish off with a good hair serum!”

For more scalp care pointers, HERE‘s why you may want to try Embody’s new eczema-fighting gummies!

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