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I Had a Scalp Consult With Act + Acre—Here’s What I Learned

Scalp care is an essential part of haircare. After decades in the dark, this one simple beauty truth is finally becoming common knowledge. But when it comes to actually maintaining a healthy scalp biome, few of us know where to start. But Act + Acre has some ideas. That’s why I sat down with founder Helen Reavey for a consult. Read on to find out what I learned on my journey to healthier, happier hair and get some scalp care tips in the process!

(via Act + Acre)

Brittle, Dull, Flat Hair Is Often a Result of Poor Scalp Health

Dull, flat-falling hair is one of my pet peeves—and biggest personal problems. Coming into my consult, I set out to find out more about why these troubles are so tough to tackle.

As it turns out, some of the most common strand struggles aren’t really strand struggles at all. According to Helen, brittle, dull, flat-falling hair often stems from the scalp. Buildup, dryness, and other irritating scalp issues can impact the look and feel of your entire mane. With this in mind, Helen designed Act + Acre to get to the root of the problem (see what we did there?). With a scalp-centric focus, Act + Acre’s products are designed to improve hair health by targeting the underlying issues. Even the brand’s latest drop, a lightweight hair oil, exemplifies that ethos with its luxurious texture and simple ingredients.

(via Act + Acre)

Routine Care Is Essential

Too many people only pay attention to their scalp when something goes wrong. (It’s me, I’m those people). Going into this consult I had the same mindset. Sure, I used an exfoliating scrub semi-regularly. But I had no real routine when it came to caring for my scalp. I really only focused on it when dryness and irritation set in.

Helen emphasized that while it’s important to address problems like irritation and dandruff, it’s even more important to get ahead of those problems with routine care. One-off solutions to scalp irritation, like clarifying shampoos, can actually strip the scalp of essential oils and do more harm than good. From Helen’s perspective, scalp care should be given as much attention as skincare. That means daily care with high-quality products containing thoughtful ingredients.

Luckily, Act + Acre has that routine down to a science with its Essentials Set, including the brand’s coveted shampoo, conditioner, and scalp detox. This 1-2-3 step system makes scalp care as simple as can be. What’s more, Act + Acre relies on a cold processed method to make its products. This maintains the integrity of their ingredients so you can get the full benefit.

(via Act + Acre)

Maintaining the Microbiome

Lastly, Helen stressed the importance of maintaining whole body health. At the end of the day, your entire microbiome has a pretty big impact on how your hair looks and feels. Managing stress levels and physical health will ultimately result in a healthier scalp and healthier hair. Taking vitamins, eating well, being active—these simple lifestyle changes can make a major impact.


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